Do you experience any problem behaviours with your horse in-hand and/or under saddle? Does your horse seem lazy or pushy? Do they buck, shy or pig root under saddle? Do they feel crooked, tense or nervous? Do you have difficulty float loading, or with vet or farrier visits?

We specialise in Problem Behaviours by re-training your horse in hand and under saddle. We investigate the problem from the foundation, and build new, clear and obedient responses, so your horse can reach his full potential.

“I had my rearing boy, Tasman, in for two weeks training and I am so happy with the outcome. I still have the same horse, but his behaviour has changed. I am looking forward to this Summer riding out building up Tasman’s confidence and my own. Thanks Alistair for re-training my boy and giving back a horse I can handle and further his training.”

Narelle Goring

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