At AEBC, your horse is handled, cared for and educated, both in hand and under saddle by our staff of accomplished and highly qualified horse trainers (Dip E.S).

We understand how horses learn (learning theory) and utilise this in all our horse and rider training. This creates a predictable training environment (very important!) for your horse, and it will be easy for you to pick up what we trying to achieve with your horse. We focus on producing confident, attentive and relaxed leisure and performance horses that are prepared for and capable of the skills we ask of them.

Our approach is very logical and the pace of our training is set by your horse’s temperament, strength, fitness and age. Our training sessions are thorough and we encourage owners to come and view their horse’s training session so we can explain what we are doing. As this is not possible for everyone – we also call with an update at the end of each week.

When your horse has finished his or her training, we will take you through a lesson and you’ll be on your way. Sounds easy, right? Don’t worry – we will be there to help every step of the way!

See our Clinics page to book in or organise a lesson by calling our office.

“Amazing equine and human education. Fabulous team of instructors and support staff. Stop looking, AEBC is your answer!”

Kelly-Anne Skewes

Suitable for young horses, performance horses and racehorses, our horse training programs include:

Why Choose Us? When training is undertaken in ways that are more easily perceived by horses, the success rate climbs.

Integrating learning theory, our training programs are world renowned for not only developing confident and well-trained horses, but empowering riders to become successful horse trainers, using methods that prioritises horse welfare.

Our focus is to train riders to, ultimately, train their horses. In your lesson you won’t only be told what to do and when but why you are doing it and how particular thing is important for you to get to the next level. We aim to educate you on the principles of our training methods, so you can easily understand and apply these with your own horse. Not only will this enable you to achieve your riding goals, but also build a stronger and more positive partnership with your horse.

To find out more about our equine training and lessons please contact us on +61 448 222 633 or email