AlistairAlistair McLean, Diploma of Equitation Science
Director & Head Trainer/Coach, Australian Equine Behaviour Centre

The son of Andrew McLean, Alistair was introduced to horses at an early age. He began riding at age 4 and competing at age 12. As a professional trainer and coach at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, Alistair demonstrates a clear aptitude for producing well trained, calm and sound performance horses. He is also in demand as a clinician in Australia and internationally. Most recently, he presented at QLD Festival of Dressage and Equitana.

In 2010, Alistair and his partner Rikke began their own business in Europe starting young horses. Together, they’ve earned a reputation for being patient and compassionate horse trainers. Upon his return to the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre in 2013, Alistair began his role as Director and Head Trainer/Coach, and he continues to specialise in the area of foundation training.

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Influenced by his parents, Andrew and Manuela McLean, along with his brother, Warwick McLean, professional rider Brett Parbery and coach Anjanette Harten, Alistair possesses a natural talent for identifying and rectifying Problem Behaviours. However, he is not only passionate about enabling performance horses to achieve their full athletic potential, but also empowering riders to continue their horse’s training at home.

A competent Dressage rider, Alistair is currently bringing his team of young horses up through the levels and achieving notable success. He is consistently scoring about 70% and placing within top five. With a particular interest in Dressage, Alistair intends to develop a clear training system to educate horses from foundation to Grand Prix. Through his role at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, Alistair aims to continue producing consistent and high quality performance horses that are prepared and educated to excel at all levels.

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rikkeRikke Andreasen, Diploma of Equitation Science
Business Manager & Head Trainer/Coach, Australian Equine Behaviour Centre

Born and raised in Denmark, Rikke started riding at a young age in pony club. From the beginning, she has been interested in understanding how to achieve harmony between horse and rider. First introduced to Andrew McLean by one of her best supporters, Ute Lehmann, Rikke came to the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre in 2009 as a working pupil and demonstrated her propensity for training using learning theory. After completing 10 months as a working pupil, Rikke returned to Denmark with her partner Alistair to open their own foundation training business. On commencing her role as Business Manager and Head Trainer/Coach at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre in 2013, Rikke continues to be involved in starting young horses, but has developed a keen interest in re-training.

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In 2015, Rikke’s re-trainer Sorento came 2nd in the 6-year-old Young Event Horse of the Year at the Melbourne International Three Day Event. A fast rising Show Jumper, now competing at 1.25m, Rikke is currently educating her own team of young horses up through the levels. As a rider and trainer, Rikke demonstrates exceptional patience. Like her team at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, her goal is to nurture the best in every horse.
A proficient coach with adult and young riders, Rikke is passionate about giving her students the tools to become more confident and competent with their own horses. She is inspired not only by seeing the changes in each horse, but also the profound changes in each rider who comes to the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre.

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Monica de Graaf 
Business Manager, Australian Equine Behaviour Centre

After falling in love with horses at the age of 7, Monica received her first horse at age 9 and competed regularly in pony club. Her first horse, which she owned for close to 25 years, was a part-bred Arabian. Since then, her passion for this breed has ignited an interest in breeding and showing Arabian horses, which Monica continues to do in addition to her role as part-time Business Manager at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre.

In 2004, Monica first came across the centre when looking for a new trainer to break in her most prized Arabian mare. She was instantly impressed by the logical training, quality facilities and approachable staff. Over the following eight years, she would become a regular client. Upon moving to the north side of Melbourne in 2012, Monica secured a temporary position as Acting Business Manager and moved into the role permanently in 2013.

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At the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, Monica has earned a reputation for being genuine, level-headed and capable. Day to day, she is responsible for managing the running of the centre and stables, as well as taking all horse and lesson bookings. With a background in retail, Monica shines as the first point of contact for the centre. Warm and personable, she throughly enjoys talking with clients about their horses and families.

A long-time customer of the AEBC, Monica was drawn to humane and ethical training the centre is renowned for. Having participated in many intensive clinics over the years, she has proven herself to be a competent horse woman. Monica is the first to respond to minor injuries or issues in the stables, and plays a central role in managing clinics and camps with both adult and young riders.

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Dr Andrew McLean, PhD (Equine Cognition & Learning), BSc (Zoology), Dip Ed
Researcher and Coach, Equitation Science International

Winner of the highest Australian science award, the Eureka Prize for Science, Andrew is in great demand as a trainer, coach and speaker. In addition to establishing the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, he has written 5 books, including an international best seller, and authored 35 peer-reviewed journal articles.

An accredited coach for more than 30 years, Andrew’s own riding achievements include winner of the advanced section of the famous Gawler Three-Day-Event, representing Australia in Horse Trials, short-listed for the World Championships, competitor at State and National events in FEI level Dressage and Eventing, and Show Jumping to Grand Prix level. He also held a racehorse owner/trainer licence, and raced bareback in Australia and New Zealand in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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Andrew continues to conduct demonstrations at universities and conferences around the world, including in Australia, Europe, South Africa, the United States, Canada and New Zealand. Prestigiously awarded an Honorary Fellow of the International Society for Equitation Science for his ongoing contribution to equitation science, he was instrumental in hosting the 1st International Equitation Science Symposium, held at the AEBC in 2005. ISES conferences continue today throughout the world.

Andrew also began training elephants in Nepal in 2007, which led to the establishment of the not-for-profit HELP Foundation (Human Elephant Learning Program), of which he is now Senior Vice President. This cooperative project focuses on the optimal management, welfare and training of elephants in Asia using innovative training techniques based on learning theory and the elimination of punishment. To find out more, visit HELP Foundation.

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manuManuela McLean, NCAS Level 2 (Dressage Specialist), BSc (Biology), Dip Ed
Coach Equitation Science International

Highly sought after as a National Coach in Dressage, Manuela regularly conducts clinics within Australia and internationally, including in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, as well as past clinics in Denmark and Finland alongside Andrew. She also teaches private lessons at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre and is the Principal Coach in Dressage in all AEBC clinics.

Manuela’s reputation for her pursuit of excellence precedes her. Having competed to FEI level in Dressage and Advanced Three-Day-Eventing, Manuela complements her teaching by keeping up-to-date with the latest scientific knowledge at conferences, such as ISES and the Global Dressage Forum.

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With a particular interest in biomechanics of horse and rider, she imparts this knowledge during her lessons to pupils of all ages and levels.

Manuela co-developed the AEBC training system and, in 2002, co-authored ‘Horse Training the McLean Way’. Since then, Andrew and Manuela have released ‘Academic Horse Training’, along with a series of three DVDs. Manuela has also written numerous articles on training, focusing particularly on teaching children and their ponies. She plans to write a book for children on how to train the perfect pony.

Evidence of her abilities, one of Manuela’s recent achievements was coaching and training Paralympian Joann Formosa and her stallion, Worldwide PB, to gold medal victory at the 2012 London Paralympics. In just six months, Manuela trained Worldwide PB to be a competitive Paralympic mount responsive to verbal and postural cues. Worldwide PB learned to respond to the lightest of aids and, together, he and Joann achieved Paralympic success.

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AEBC Working Pupil Qualifications

AEBC working pupils are offered a 20% discount on all units in the Diploma of Equitation Science

Students must enrol with ESI have completed ESIHTP501A, and ESIHTP502A (theory only) prior to arrival. During their first week of stay, students will complete the practical component of ESIHTP502A, and the remaining ESI units need to be completed before the end of their placement (minimum 3 months). Students must bring their own laptop computer and be prepared to continue their online study whilst working at AEBC. The remaining additional units can be completed whilst at AEBC, or online in your own time.

Applications for working pupil positions must be submitted prior to enrolment.

Applications: [email protected]
Enrolments: [email protected]