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We offer Foundation Training for Leisure, Performance and Racehorses.

Our Foundation Training takes between 6-8 weeks. Our step-by-step approach results in a horse that is soft and responsive in all gaits, and understands how to respond to our basic aids in a nice soft frame.

We start all our young horses in the round yard, where we teach them the basic aids on the ground. We then start the backing process bareback and then introduce the saddle. We ride all young horses in our outdoor arenas, as well as over small jumps on our showjumping arena. Our aim is to produce the most well-rounded horse possible ready for the next step in its career.

All of our training sessions are open. We invite you to come and watch your horse’s training, so that you can learn and continue your horse’s education at home.


To find out more about our equine training and lessons please contact us on +61 448 222 633 or email