The world's first evidence-based equine training system

Welcome to the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, one of Australia's premier horse centres, located in Victoria. Here we train horses and riders of all discliplines using evidence based training methods.

Andrew McLean and AEBC lead the world in the theoretical and practical application of Equitation Science.

 Why is Equitation Science important?

  • It promotes healthy human-horse interactions
  • It's empowering. You learn the 'why' and 'how' of horse training
  • It protects horse welfare
  • It's evidence-based, ethical and sustainable

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Interested in learning more about Equitation Science?

View our courses:

01 How horses learn (Intro 01)   

A short course on How Horses Learn


Equitation Science Awards - Cert to Ass. Dip









Short Course: How Horses Learn

A short course for every rider, trainer and coach is now available for just $79.95!
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Andy the standardbred

AEBC and Horses and People Magazine take you through the re-training process of an OTT Standardbred
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