ESI Courses

Equitation Science International is internationally recognised as the first accredited training centre dedicated to improving horse training using an evidence-based and ethical approach.

ESI currently offers two courses in horse ethology and equitation science, including:

How Horses Learn

How Horses Learn is an essential one hour theory-based course for riders, coaches and trainers of all levels and disciplines.

Providing you with a thorough introduction to how horses learn, as well as equine ethology and biomechanics, How Horses Learn is designed to teach you the fundamentals of successful horse training.

10070NAT Diploma of Equitation Science

The Diploma of Equitation Science offers new and exciting career opportunities in the growing field of equitation science, both in Australia and internationally.

Providing students with highly practical skills and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of horse handling, coaching and training, graduates are equipped with increasingly sought after skills in equine management, and are well placed at the forefront of evidence-based and ethical equine training practices.

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