Clinics & Teaching

Our focus, at AEBC, is to train riders to, ultimately, train their horses. We aim to educate you on the principles of our training methods, so you can easily understand and apply these with your own horse. Not only will this enable you to achieve your riding goals, but also build a stronger partnership with your horse.

Throughout the year, we offer a range of clinics at our centre in Clonbinane, Victoria, just one hour outside Melbourne CBD. Each clinic is delivered by our team of qualified horse trainers and coaches who have daily experience with all aspects of training, including Problem Behaviours.

Our Clinics Include:

Adult Clinic

A two-day clinic for riders over 18 years of age. This clinic Includes two group lessons per day (dressage and poles/sj) and also a lecture/demo each day. These clinics are always lots of fun. Bring your young horse for exposure or your more experienced horse to keep improving. See Our calendar for clinic dates.

Intensive Clinic

A four-day clinic for riders over 18 years of age. This clinic includes one private lesson and one group lesson per day. In the private lesson we focus on the level of you and your horse. We work on confidence and we make sure we go through the levels at you and your horse’s own pace. In the group lessons we use poles or jumps to improve your horse’s strength and balance. See our calendar for clinic dates.

Riding Fit Retreat

This year, we are running four Riding Fit Retreats. A four-day clinic for riders over 18 years of age. Includes one private lesson per day (dressage or jumping/poles), and lots of fun and relaxing activities, such as equine massages, human massages, fitness (including pilates/yoga and rider kinetics) and also healthy cooking classes. Please see our calendar to find dates for these clinics.

Pony & Junior Clinic

A three-day clinic for riders between 6-18 years of age. Includes three group lessons per day. These clinics are packed with lots of fun activities, such as dressage, jumping, cross country, active riding (can include: games, bareback riding, clicker training and groundwork), freshmans show jumping, games for pony camp and a lecture/demo for the junior riders. Please see our calendar for clinic dates.


Private and shared lessons are available for young and adult riders, from beginner to FEI level, in Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. Lessons can be arranged with your own horse. Otherwise, you can learn on our well trained school horses up to medium level. Our facilities include indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as a Show Jumping course and Cross Country course.

AEBC also regularly host clinics throughout Victoria, interstate and overseas. To find out more about our upcoming clinics in your area and at AEBC, please view our calendar here.