Joann Formosa - Para-equestrian

Manuela McLeans latest sucesss story is Joann Formosa, a para-equestrian rider. Joann has dreamt for a long time that she will one day represent Australia at the Paralympics, and this year (2012) her dream came true. Not only did she compete, but she won gold!

Joann came to Manuela in 2011 on a mission to make the Australia team, and Manuela has coached her ever since. Using Classical Conditioning, Manuela trained PB to respond to Joann's minimal postural cues and voice aids. Joann is limited strenght and movement in her legs after some life changing accidents many years ago.

Joann also won the FEI Against All Odds award. Both Manuela & Joann were invited to Switzerland to accept the award.

Joann & Manuela are now working towards their new goal! They will be going to WEG (World Equestrian Games) in Normandy from August 23rd - September 7th. We wish them all the best!









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